00-00 Experimental Device
IMG 0141-1-
Type Artillery Cannon
Rank Requisite 6
Slots 3
Damage 101.6
Range 500
Fire Rate N/A
Clip Size 1
Abilities Damage Field


This specially designed launcher fires a short wave disruption shell which causes prolonged damage to any Tube who wanders through the area.


Store: N/A

Drop Locations: Hospital, Port, Sinkhole

Player NotesEdit

  • The Experimental Device is an outstanding midgame Artillery Cannon that generates an energy field that causes damage to any Tube that crosses it. Extremely good at dealing with Knobs and clustered Resistors.
  • Unfortunately, the Experimental Device loses its usefulness rather quickly, and there are no high-level versions of this unique weapon. As such, it tends to fall by the wayside.
  • It's not all bad news, however, as this weapon later inspired the significantly better Coil Mortar Turret.