B0-7T5 "Rosie"
Type Shotgun
Rank Requisite 3
Slots 1
Damage 13.7
Range 50
Fire Rate 20
Clip Size
Abilities Explosive


Named after the iconic gal, this modified industrial tool packs quite a punch. This short range explosive weapon is just what the doctor ordered if any armored Tubes are troubling you.


Store: N/A

Mission: Refinery

Player NotesEdit

Instead of the spread of projectiles fired by most Shotguns, the Rosie fires a singular, slow-moving Grenade which will explode after it has traveled to the extent of its range. This makes the weapon good for cracking open Breakers during early levels without having to use a proper Grenade Launcher which would use up both of the slots on one side of a player's Trench.

Kills with the Rosie will count as Grenade Launcher kills on the player's stats.