Type Shotgun
Rank Requisite 14
Slots 1
Damage 100.8
Range 75
Fire Rate 10
Clip Size 6


A shotgun from the era when shotguns roamed the Earth.


Store: N/A

Mission: Cathedral, Survival - Settlement (Drop)

Player NotesEdit

  • The most powerful standard pellet (i.e. non-slug) shotgun, well suited for large groups of enemies at short to medium range.
  • A good mix of mobility and damage at the cost of range and special abilities.
  • It competes with
    • Muerte Fiesta Numero 6, which has has the better range of 200 and slightly higher damage, but due to its slug ammo is better suited against strong single targets,
    • Sod Off, which also fires pellets and boasts even higher damage at the cost of a very slow fire rate/when combined with quickload legs, at the cost of mobility.
    • 00-06 F-Hirsch Fusor, which is ca. 30% less powerful, but with a chance to shock enemies,
    • B0-7T6 The Hole Puncher, which has 40% lower damage but due to its explosive rounds serves well as a makeshift flak and against breaker's shields,