Knob Mines are a rare subspecies of Knob that appear only in the Iron Brigade mission Drydock. They are similar to Knobs, except they are larger and brighter, without spines, and they do not move from where they initially appear. Knob Mines sit stationary until a hapless Mobile Trench blunders into them, at which point they explode catastrophically, inflicting considerable damage.

They are launched from an otherwise-inaccessible location on the map like a blast from an Arty, raining down over a given area. Because they are immobile and fairly obvious, an observant Trench pilot shouldn't ever be caught by them, even though they make almost no noise when they originally appear. They can also be fired out by the Pylon, which will use them to hinder the Mobile Trench Brigade.

Knob Mines, for reasons unclear, drop considerable amounts of scrap.

Tactics for DisposalEdit

Good observation skills are the main weapon needed for fighting Knob Mines. They do not move, their damage is only moderate, and they're easily destroyed. Shoot them with anything and they'll be destroyed - just be careful when wandering around near the staircases and for the most part, Knob Mines shouldn't be a problem.


  • Knob Mines are the only known case of a "failed" Monovision species. They are used in only two spots - the mission Pylon, where they are thrown out periodically by the boss, and Drydock, presumably because Vladimir Farnsworth realized they simply were not terribly effective at stopping the Mobile Trench Brigade. They would not be seen again, but the research Vladimir put into them would eventually result in the new Cathode Monovision.

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