An automatic sniper that's built around the age-old principle 'Measure once, cut eight times.'


  • Rank Requisite: 10
  • Damage: 56.3
  • Range: 1000
  • Fire Rate: 33
  • Ammo Count: 8
  • Slots: 2
  • Special Effect: Auto


  • Earned as a reward for Wave 15 of Hospital Survival.
  • Until Rise of the Martian Bear, the highest DPSPS (Damage per second per slot) for a Sniper Rifle versus single targets (non-pierce) with 39.5 DPSPS. It is now outclassed by the M3200 Advanced Spurt Rifle (which does 40.0), but remains a solid weapon in all respects, boasting only a negligably lower DPS.
  • Against groups, however, the Super Indirect Sniper Cannon, Carpet Bomber, and especially Albert are all better choices, due to their ability to hit multiple targets.
  • The L4-2Y "Hyper" Sniper is available at a much lower level than its counterparts, making it one of the most steadfastly useful Sniper Cannons in the game.