Legs allow a Mobile Trench to move. All Chassis are compatible with all three types of Legs, and Chassis determine the speed of a Trench. Depending on which Legs are installed on a Trench, the player can have access to different abilities specific to each type.

Biped LegsEdit

Biped LegsEdit

"Wait, this trench has legs? That's CRAZY!!"

Biped Legs

  • Requisite Rank: 1
  • Shop Cost: $300
  • Abilities: None

Sprinting Biped LegsEdit

"Why walk when you can run? With these legs equipped, press and hold the A button to sprint."

Sprinting Biped Legs

  • Requisite Rank: 2
  • Shop Cost: $500
  • Abilities: Sprint

Speedy Biped LegsEdit

"Thanks to a rather large amount of lubrication, these Biped Legs are even faster than the last pair!"

Speedy Biped Legs

  • Requisite Rank: 5
  • Shop Cost: $1000
  • Abilities: Sprint+

Hot PantsEdit

"The Hot Pants' explosive stride was originally discovered on accident. Initially considered to be a malfunction, it was soon discovered that the gas leak triggering the explosions could be channeled and put to good use."

Hot Pants

  • Requisite Rank: 7
  • Shop Cost: N/A (random drop)
  • Abilities: Explosive Sprint
  • Random Drop from Dry Docks

Tripod LegsEdit

Quickload Tripod LegsEdit

"The Quickload Tripod Legs' Lockdown ability significantly decreases reload times, allowing you to spend more time pumping bullets into Tubes. Sometimes success is just one Quickload away!"

Quickload Tripod Legs

  • Requisite Rank: 2
  • Shop Cost: $600
  • Abilities: Quickload

Standard Tripod LegsEdit

"This three-legged Mobile Trench platform's Lockdown ability increases the Trench's defenses and decreases reload times."

Standard Tripod Legs

  • Requisite Rank: 4
  • Shop Cost: $900
  • Abilities: Fortify / Quickload

Defensive Tripod LegsEdit

"Sometimes you've just got to hunker down and take it like a man. The Defensive Tripod Legs allow you to do just that. With these babies equipped, your trench will take significantly less damage while locked down."

Defensive Tripod Legs

  • Requisite Rank: 6
  • Shop Cost: $1300
  • Abilities: Fortify++

Advanced Tripod LegsEdit

"Combining the benefits of the Quickload and Fortify abilities, the Advanced Tripod Legs are a great all-around choice for the Trench Pilot that wants to settle in and flush some Tubes down the Tubes."

Advance Tripod Legs

  • Requisite Rank: 7
  • Shop Cost: N/A (random drop)
  • Abilities: Fortify+ / Quickload

Quadruped LegsEdit

Quadruped LegsEdit

"For the Trench Pilot who like to get right in the thick of it. The Quadruped Legs' Smash ability will damage all nearby Tubes."

Quadruped Legs

  • Requisite Rank: 4
  • Shop Cost: $900
  • Abilities: Smash

Stunning LegsEdit

"A pair of legs so stunning that they just paralyze you with their beauty... well that and their massive ground pound."

Stunning Legs

  • Requisite Rank: 5
  • Shop Cost: $1400
  • Abilities: Stun Smash

Long Stunning LegsEdit

"A pair of Stunning Legs even more powerful than the last, the Long Stunning Legs will both deal more damage and immobilize the enemy for a longer period of time."

Long Stunning Legs

  • Requisite Rank: 7
  • Shop Cost: $1600
  • Abilities: Stun Smash+


"Forgoing a stun ability in exchange for raw power, the Smashers' ability deals a massive amount of damage to nearby Tubes."


  • Requisite Rank: 8
  • Shop Cost: N/A (random drop)
  • Abilities: Smash++