The McGarry is a model of Assault Chassis that can be installed on a Mobile Trench.


"Perfect for the Trench Pilot that's looking for action. The McGarry trades an Emplacement Slot for the ability to carry a 3-slot weapon."


Mk IEdit

  • Requisite Rank: 1

    McGarry MK I

  • Method of Aquiring: Shop($500), Loot
  • Weapon Slots: 3 Right, 2 Left
  • Armor: 48
  • Speed: 18

Mk IIEdit

  • Requisite Rank: 6

    McGarry MK II

  • Method of Aquiring: Shop($1000), Loot
  • Weapon Slots: 3 Right, 2 Left
  • Armor: 69
  • Speed: 18
  • Emplacement Slots: 2 Light Turrets

Mk IIIEdit

  • Requisite Rank: 7

    McGarry MK III

  • Method of Aquiring: Loot only
  • Weapon Slots: 3 Right, 2 Left
  • Armor: 100
  • Speed: 18
  • Emplacement Slots: 2 Light Turrets


  • Requisite Rank: 12

    McGarry MK IV

  • Method of Aquiring: Loot only
  • Weapon Slots: 3 Right, 2 Left
  • Armor: 206
  • Speed: 18
  • Emplacement Slots: 2 Light Turrets

Tactical AppraisalEdit

The McGarry is likely to be the first of the two Assault Trenches one encounters - it's also the less taken, as many pilots prefer the larger Karlsson, which has the same armor, but more weaponry. The McGarry's advantages come into play from its better utility with turrets - the fact that it gets two light turrets means that it can provide 2 different kinds of close support as situations warrant, which is genuinely more useful for many Trench squads than the Karlsson's potentially higher firepower. Pilots of McGarry chassis Trenches proudly assert the advantages this Trench has in protracted campaigns - whereas a Karlsson's turrets are limited to one light turret and either a collector, repair crane, or dampener - emplacements with specific and limited utility - the McGarry can pack on a more versatile loadout - such as Shotgun Turrets and Flak Turrets, or Shred Turrets and Shotgun Turrets. All whilst having almost as much firepower as the Karlsson. The McGarry also has a faster torso rotation speed, which means it generally responds faster than the Karlsson despite the same movement speed.

Getting the most of the McGarry requires you to balance its 3/2 slot loadout carefully - its 3-slot should either be a flat-out 3-slot weapon such as the Topiary Trimmer, Gungnir, an Artillery Cannon, or Broadcaster, and the other two should either be utility or tactical weapons like the Muerte Fiesta or multiple Perforators. An alternative is to cram heavy-DPS weapons like the Faster Blaster into every slot. Either way, do your part to get as much mileage as possible out of both the McGarry's weapons and turret slots - otherwise you'd be better served by a Standard trench or Karlsson.


  • Random loot on 2:nd Mars mission.

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