The Paint Job of a Mobile Trench determines its outward color and/or camouflage pattern. Paint Jobs have no effect on a Trench's offensive or defensive capabilities and are purely cosmetic. Any Paint Job applied to one's Trench will also be applied to one's Emplacements as well.

Paint JobsEdit

Store Bought Paintjobs
Name Rank Price
Urban Camo Paintjob 3 400
Blue Paintjob 3 300
Gray Paintjob 4 400
Red Paintjob 4 400
Desert Camo Paintjob 5 500
Splinter Paintjob 5 500
Yellow Paintjob 6 600
Lozenge Paintjob 7 700
Jungle Camo Paintjob 8 800
Flannel Paintjob 11 1600
Magenta Paintjob 12 1600
Martian Camo Paintjob 12 1600
Neon Green Paintjob 13 1700
Neon Orange Paintjob 14 2400

Looted Paintjobs
Name Rank Found In
PlaneTree Paintjob 5 Pylon
Black Paintjob 6


Dazzle Paintjob 9 Hospital
Bling Paintjob 10 50 Personal Challenge Mission Victories
Maize and Blue Paintjob 12 ?
Cheetah Paintjob 16 Survival
Psychic Pswirl 20 Survival Settlement (40)
Diamond Plate Paintjob 18 Survival Swamp (40)

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