Conduit locations

Sinkhole is the fourth mission of the Africa campaign of Iron Brigade.


Commander Woodruff: " "

  • Defend the Drill Bomb.
  • Attacks from all sides.
  • Underground Tube presence.




Tubes attack from clear destinations with great line of sight, sniper turrets and/or weapons ideal.

Underground tubelike worms erupt from ground, causing trouble. Be ready to counter them.

Cluster mine layers and MG turret recommended also, MG's are to counter knobs that approach fast.

Suggested LoadoutsEdit

Turtle loadout: (Any extra players recommended)

  • Karlsson Chassis
  • Artillery & Sniper Cannons (Baby Nasty recommended)
  • Quickload legs
  • Machine Gun Turret, Collection Prong

Sprinter Loadout: (Solo recommended)

  • Selker Chassis
  • Dual machine guns (Ripper recommended)
  • Sprinting Legs
  • Machine & Shotgun Turrets, Cluster Mine Layer, Sniper Turret

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