The Duke
Type Grenade Launcher
Rank Requisite 15
Slots 2
Damage 72
Range 100
Fire Rate 40
Clip Size 8
Abilities Manual Detonation


Firing powerful pipe bombs that detonate when the weapon is reloaded, the Duke gives you back the satisfaction of pulling the pin that is lost on most Grenade Launchers.


Store: N/A

Mission: Cathedral

Player NotesEdit

  • The Duke is a powerful Grenade Launcher, with a very large magazine capacity, high damage, and manual detonation.
  • The combination of manual detonation and large clip size means it is one of the most powerful Grenade Launchers in Iron Brigade, though it requires both patience and practice to use effectively.
  • The Duke's shells will detonate on impact with a Tube, or when the weapon is reloaded. This makes it very versatile, since it can thus set up either proxy or remote traps.
    • The fact that it can set traps gives it the highest concentrated damage of any grenade launcher in the game if properly used.
  • It can also air-burst to take down aerial enemies.
  • The weapon itself is a reference to Duke Nukem 3D, whose protagonist was fond of remotely-detonated pipe bombs.

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