The Perforator

The Perforator is an unbelievably powerful machine gun boasting one of the most useful abilities in the game, Pierce. Thanks to Pierce it can hurt multiple enemies when lined up making it incredibly damaging.

"Able to penetrate 10,000 pieces of paper at once. The Perforator not only delivers it's bullets fast, but also ferociously."


  • Rank Requisite: 13
  • Damage: 6.1
  • Range: 200
  • Fire Rate: 100
  • Ammo Count: 50
  • Slots: 1
  • Special Effect: Pierce


  • Does a base DPS of 38.125 and can reach up to 114.36 thanks to pierce
  • Because of this weapon's ability to shoot through targets, it's naturally really good at crowd control.

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