Vladimir Farnsworth is the inventor of the Monovision and the antagonist of Iron Brigade.

The Great WarEdit

During the Great War, Vladimir Farnsworth served in a radio listening post in the Pacific. When the Broadcast swept the world, Farnsworth and Frank Woodruff were the only survivors. While Woodruff built walking platforms to aid disabled war veterans, Farnsworth conceived the Monovision, a television-like device through which viewers could experience the world from the comfort and safety of their own beds. Farnsworth was soon consumed by madness and became obsessed with spreading the "wisdom" of the Broadcast to everyone.

The Monovision MenaceEdit

To spread the Broadcast, Farnsworth built immense, continent-spanning cables that transmitted the mysterious signal. Conduits sprouting from the cable released various Monovision-based creatures that Farnsworth designed. These creatures overwhelmed conventional militaries until the establishment of the Mobile Trench Brigade; the firepower and durability of Mobile Trenches were all that could stand against the "Tubes".

Farnsworth directs his Monovision army and taunts Woodruff and his Brigade through an aerial Monovision hub during missions. He is the final boss of the game, appearing in the Pacific campaign mission Farnsworth.