Volcano is the fourth mission of the Pacific campaign of Iron Brigade. This mission exists to be the hardest 'non-boss' mission available. Commander Woodruff makes an appearance in his own custom trench as he sits atop a tower hacking to find Farnsworth's location.


Commander Woodruff: "With the equipment assembled, it's time to put it to use and track down Farnsworth once and for all. It seems the perfect spot to operate the equipment is, naturally, at the top of a giant Volcano. Not only that, but I'm the only one who can operate it. I'll be poitioned at the top of the Volcano. Defend me as Vlad sends us everything he's got!"

  • Defend Woodruff!
  • Massive Tube assault!




Suggested LoadoutsEdit


  • Volcano is considered the hardest mission to 'Gold' in the base game

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